Guide to select the proper size FERRITE core

Switching power supplies require the use of high permeability Ferrite type cores. The Iron Powder materials are too lossy. Tape wound cores can also be used. Please see Section III "Tape Wound Cores" for more details. However, tape wound cores cost more than ferrite cores.

Both toroidal cores and 'E' type cores are normally used. 'E' type cores are generally preferred because of greater winding ease. Both the Toroidal Ferrite cores and the 'E' cores in the #77 material are standard stocking items. Either one provides satisfactory results for switching frequency of 20 KHz or higher. U cores are available, but are non-stocking items.

E-core data can be found on the next page, giving physical dimensions, magnetic and power ratings. (The cart below provides data on an approximate size toroidal core to be used for a given amount of power.)


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