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Inductors, Chokes and Coils

    Multilayer Chip Inductors
    Conformal Coated Inductors: ICF-1 Types
    Conformal Coated Inductors: ICF-2 Types
    Conformal Coated Inductors: ICF-3 Types
    Conformal Coated Inductors: ICF-4 Types
    Conformal Coated Inductors: Packaging Specifications
    Ferrite Shielded Inductors: FS Types
    High Current Filter Choke: FCH Series
    High Current Filter Choke: FCB Series
    High Current Filter Choke: FC-10 Series
    High Current Filter Choke: HFC Series
    Molded Type Power Line Choke: MC-16 Series
    Power Line Chokes: PC-UL Series
    Power Line Chokes: PC-PVC Series
    Line Filter - Common Mode Choke: LF Series
    High Current - Common Mode Choke : HLF Series
    Line Filter Coils(Insulated): LFC Series
    AC Line Filter - Common Mode Choke: LFU Series
    Wound Toroids: TC Series
    Peaking Coils: PC Series
    Luminous Transformers and OSC Coils
    Air Coil Inductors: SC Series

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