About Dr. Jerry Sevick, W2FMI

Jerry Sevick earned a BS in education from Wayne State University and a PhD in applied physics from Harvard University. He taught physics at Wayne State from 1952 to 1956. In 1956, Jerry joined the staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories. He supervised groups working in high-frequency transistor and integrated-circuit development, reliability, applications engineering and high-speed PCM. Later, he served as Director of Technical Relations and retired in 1985.

It was his interest in Amateur Radio that launched Dr. Sevick into experiments with short vertical antennas and broadband matching networks. He is noted for a classic series on short vertical antennas that appeared in QST. His April 1978 QST article on short ground-radial systems now serves as the world's standard for earth conductivity measurements.

In the course of designing networks to match coaxial cable to short ground mounted vertical antennas, the transmission line transformer was looked at as a possible vehicle. He undertook the characterization and design of transformers for low impedance applications. This resulted in his book Transmission Line Transformers, published by the ARRL. (Now published by NOBLE.) He also presented a series on baluns in Communications Quarterly and a series on ununs (unbalanced to unbalanced transformers) in CQ magazine. All the designs used in CWS Bytemark's Balun and Ununs are derived from Dr. Sevick's designs.

Dr. Sevick is a Technical Advisor for the ARRL and is a member of IEEE, Sigma Xi, Sigma Pi, Sigma and Phi Delta Kappa. He was a bomber pilot in World War II and was recently elected into Wayne State's Athletic Hall of Fame for his record in football and track.

Dr. Jerry Sevick, who has contributed tremendously in the transmission line transformers field, passed away on Sunday, November 29th at age 90.

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