Step Down 4:1 Balun - 12.5 ohms balanced to 50 ohms unbalanced (coaxial)
    For direct connection to yagi beam
    1 MHz to 50 MHz
    5 KW to 10 KW
    *5.5" x 3.8" x 2.3" (*6.8" including flanges)

Model BAL-12.5

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Step Up 4:1 Balun - 200 ohms balanced to 50 ohms unbalanced (coaxial)
    For 2KW Log Periodic Beam Antennas
    For Folded Dipoles using 300 ohm ribbon at 0.17 wavelength above ground
    Multi-band antenna
    Off-center-Fed antennas
    1MHz to 50 MHz
    2KW to 10KW
The 4:1 balun finds use in matching 50-ohm cable to log periodic beam antennas, multi-band antennas and folded dipoles using 300 ohm ribbon at a height of about 0.17 wavelength above ground. A dual ferrite core version is also available for high power and for G5RV. For antenna tuners, please use BAL-AT-200. The 4:1 BAL-U-200 is both a current and a voltage balun. The BAL-U-200 is uniquely designed to function both as balanced to unbalanced matching and unbalanced to unbalanced matching. It is particularly suited for off-center fed antennas.

Model BAL-200

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Model BAL-U-200

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4:1 Balun for Antenna Tuner Balun
    For direct connection to 10KW Antenna Tuners
    For High Power (10KW) Log Periodic Beam Antennas
    For High Power (10KW) G5RV Multi-band Antennas
    1MHz to 50MHz
The 4:1 baluns in antenna tuners can be subjected to very hostile conditions (mainly ver high impedances and hence, high voltages) depending upon the length of the transmission lines. Therefore special attention is paid to the desigh of the balun and the best length for one-half of the dipole and the feedline. For antenna tuners, experience has shown that a balun with a rather large powdered iron toroidal core, connected as a voltage (Ruthroff's design) balun, to the be preferred choice. These 10KW baluns can also be used for high power log periodic antenna and G5RV.

Model BAL-AT-200

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